LOVE GOD SELFLESSLY – Иверский Орский женский монастырь



Archpriest Sergiy Baranov

Holy Trinity Cathedral, Iveron Monastery of Orsk

July 16, 2023


In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit!

A person, whose mind is not enlightened by the Holy Spirit, who thinks in terms of this world, has a myriad of reasons to argue with God. This person falls out with God, which is the worst thing that can happen, this person rebels and accepts distrustful thoughts. It may happen to people whose mind is not enlightened by the Holy Spirit. If we look at this world, we will see that it is not perfect, though it is the creation of God. There is a confusion and misunderstanding in an instant, “God, You are so Almighty, You created this world in such a wise and thorough way, why does this world happen to be so awkward in the end. Why is it imperfect and why are there so many misunderstandings?”  Earthly people think this way, and they will always alienate God, they will always have reasons not to trust God. If one thinks in an earthly way, then this person is going to see flaws and imperfections all-around him. 

Someone can object to me, in the heat of the moment. Well, if a person is not a believer, unspiritual, so this kind of person looks at this world and says,  “Why are there so many misunderstandings? There are wars, and betrayals, and cataclysms, and earthquakes, and floods. God, is it right for all these things to be in Your wise plan?” If you think in an earthly way, you will always have a reason to fall out with God, there will always be some reason for it. And this reason will be quite objective if we consider it in an earthly way. Whilst a believer understands that creativity in relation to a person is ongoing. Creativity is still happening, your soul is being refined. The soul of a person can be refined by love, and love is a cross. 

How can we build a simple and trusting relationship with God? How can we throw away all these mistrustful thoughts? How can we learn not to see those things, which we should not see in order not to lose a trusting relationship with God? 

The only simple way — the only one, there is no other — is to build a relationship with God in the spirit of love. Why do I say this? Only this can help. One loves not for something, but just because, for nothing. If relationships are built in order to get something, which is, – this I can understand, but this no, this I can accept, but this no — well, this is not love, this is already commerce. Love lives briefly and simply. I love Him. Amen. That is it. I do not need anything else. Maybe you have some questions, maybe you have, but I do not. God, I love You. That is it. I do not need any explanations, my Lord, because You cannot explain everything to me, because I have a very small head and it cannot comprehend all Your Wisdom. Trying to understand everything is not right. The right way is to trust through love. I simply follow You because I love You and I need nothing else. I do not need any ideals from You, none…let there be some misconceptions, imperfections, it does not bother me because my love is above it, my love is stronger than this.  

If you are going to build a relationship with God in this way, nothing will disturb you. Your faith will not be shaken, because it will be deprived of  thoughts about Him such as: Why did He do it this way? Why did He make this mistake? Mistake? Yes, mistake, because the result is bad. Today there is this war – so He made a mistake somewhere. A close relative died – He made a mistake somewhere. Brother betrayed brother. Doesn’t He exist at any point of the universe and in any moment of it by means of His Providence? He does. So, if we see imperfections somewhere and God exists in it, it means that He is guilty. What’s the use of us? We are imperfect and prone to make mistakes. But God, if He is present with His Wisdom in every situation – He is wrong again then!

If I am going to think this way, I will be immersed in distrustful thoughts towards God.  Well, we can assess each other, but God, through our love to Him, should have such a great meaning for us that it will be just blasphemy to assess His actions. Do you understand? Who am I to assess God? This is blasphemy! Was He right, was He wrong, what did He do right, what did He do wrong. How can I avoid this blasphemy? How can I avoid this temptation of thoughts?

I should learn how to love Him just because, for nothing. You love for nothing, just because. It should be brief and definite. That is it. Nothing else. I do not want to say anything else, I just love Him. If we build a relationship this way, it will make it all easier. We always feel pressure in our heart, the pressure of these thoughts, temptations, which destroy our simple and sincere relationship with God.  These are thoughts, overthinking. There are things, which are a shame even to think about. There are things we can consider…for example, mother and father — they are holy, but it is for those who have a good upbringing. And God — we do not even dare to reason whether He did something right or wrong. This is above all for us. I do not reason here, I just love Him and accept everything the way it is. 

If we are always going to look at misunderstandings, we will always be tempted. God, give us a pure mind. A pure mind thinks simply, briefly, it does not go into these riddles of thoughts. This kind of mind cannot be directed by evil or become involved in these riddles, from which we cannot escape. 

Love God selflessly. Love Him when you have joy, or when you have sorrow, when you are happy, and when you are miserable. Love Him not because He gave you something or promised you something. One loves not for it. Love God just because. It will make it all easier.

Glory to God, always, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen!