Tailor’s Workshop – Иверский Орский женский монастырь

Tailor’s Workshop

The Tailor’s workshop has been functioning at the Iveron Monastery almost since the beginning of the convent’s foundation.

There has always been a good tradition at monasteries to practice handicrafts, including sewing. Nuns have always made clothes and clerical garments, laces  and embroideries, including pearl, gold, and silver.  Garment manufacturing is necessary for the monastery as specific tailoring is required for the clergy and the monastic. Many clergymen from different parishes of our diocese also order garments from our workshop.   

All kinds of church, monastic and priestly robes are produced at the Iveron Monastery. The seamstresses make mantles, paramans, scarves, robes, cassocks, belts, kamelaukions, wimples, hankerchiefs, phelonions, epitrachilions, cuffs, and vestments for the altar and credence.  

Everything is made by our diligent sisters with love and prayer. They portray the beauty of Orthodoxy through their ornamentations and preserve the best traditions of Orthodox Church Art.