Directions – Иверский Орский женский монастырь


In order to stay at the monastery, you need to have a prior appointment. 


A monastery is a center of spiritual life. It is a sample of humility, obedience, and love. As per the Venerable Saint Paisios the Athonite, “A monk is a lighthouse set high upon the rocks, which illuminates the seas and oceans with its light, and directs the ships to the right course to attain God.”  Attracted by this light, people desire to touch the monastic life: to pray at a service; to venerate the relics, icons, or shrines; to live for some time at a monastery and to work for God’s sake.


Pilgrims from different parts of Russia and neighboring and far-abroad countries come to our monastery. We welcome everyone with joy and love.  


The Iveron Monastery is related to the Orsk Diocese located in the territory of the Orenburg Region, which is one of the biggest regions of the eastern part of the country. 


The Iveron Monastery of Orsk is located in the Asian part, in the district of the Tractor Trailer Plant of Orsk, at the address: 20, Zapadnyi prospect, Orsk.  


You can arrive at the city of Orsk:


-by air (direct flights from Moscow every day)
-by train (direct service from Moscow every second day)
-by bus


You can arrive at the monastery by public transport (share taxi No. 18, 23, 55, tram No. 5), to bus stop “Ryabinushka” and then walk for 15 minutes towards the Ural river.


If you want to come as a pilgrim or worker, in order to get acquainted with the life of the monastery, you need to fill out the form, send it to our email and inform us of your visit by dialing +7(902)-247-03-85. You may call us at the same number for additional information.