To our Benefactors – Иверский Орский женский монастырь

To our Benefactors

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Your support and care are vital to us.
We humbly ask you to render your feasible financial help to the Iveron Monastery. Everyone can help by contributing his or her mite. 

Refurbishing the churches and buildings of the monastery, meals for those who dwell at the monastery, and the construction of the Pilgrimage Center are a few examples of the monastery’s needs. All this and many more things require both your prayerful and financial support. We are also in need of a labor force. We will welcome people who would like to work for God’s sake for any period of time – from several hours to several months.

By rendering your financial help or help with obediences, you provide the nuns with more time for prayer. “Those who give alms to the monastic will receive an award and glory from God. The alms favorable to God is in giving the monastic bread, cereals, wool, and money. This will give them the opportunity for keeping silent at their cells” (Abba Isidore the Priest, a monk of Scetis). 

Some people render financial help, while some bring food. There are cases when the guests of the monastery want to present the sisters with something, but they do not know what will do. Warm clothes, potted plants, icons, medicines, fabrics, bedclothes, handkerchiefs, socks, candies and so on – almost anything will do. 

If you provide charity support and bring something to the monastery, please, do it with faith, as if you do it for the Holy Theotokos, and forget all further thoughts. Meanwhile, the Holy Theotokos will make arrangements and give the things to the person who really needs them.   

The Lord rewards over and over again those people who love and help churches and monasteries.

You may DONATE FOR THE NEEDS OF OUR MONASTERY in any way convenient for you:

    Religious Organization “The Iveron Monastery,” Orsk, the Orenburg Region, The Orsk Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate)
    20, Zapadnyi prospect, Orsk, Orenburg Region, 462432.
    For Abbess Xenia (Pashkova Т.Yu.)
    Card No. 2202 2056 2237 9284
    In favor of Marina Viktorovna V.
    Banking details:
    Religious Organization “The Iveron Monastery”, Orsk, the Orenburg Region, The Orsk Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate)
    “Nizhny Novgorod” Branch
    Open Joint Stock Company “ALFA BANK”, Nizhny Novgorod, current account No.  40703810329270000000
    BIK 042202824, TIN 5614065577,
    KPP 561401001
    Correspondent account 30101810200000000824
  4.  YooMoney or any bank card:

We appreciate any contribution. 

The clerics and sisters incessantly pray for the benefactors of our monastery at the altar, during the Psalter readings, and privately at their cells.