SAINTS ARE THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE – Иверский Орский женский монастырь



We have one more great patron now. This fact melts our hearts and brings hope. We have one more protector of our monastery, to whom we may come running, tell everything and receive his help.    

Today I would not like to talk about Saint Nicholas as a wonderworker above all. Many people have spoken about this, and even the definition has stuck to him: Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker. Because a number of wonders and quick help are related to him. 

Today I would not like to speak of him as a great wonderworker, but as a happy person. This man did not have wonders in the first place in his life, but he had happiness instead. This is the main thing in the life of every Christian and every saint who is striving after God. Wonders are not the main thing. A person, being a wonderworker, may be unfortunate. Meanwhile, some other person, being absolutely far from supernatural, may be very happy, as there, in his or her inner world, everything has taken place. Even now, we addressed him in our prayers and asked to relieve us from diseases, fire and earthquakes, and help us while traveling, in our family life. We come to him like any saint, and sometimes do not see that their lives were not all roses.  They were persecuted and misunderstood, fell ill and suffered from different troubles. Those people, whom we ask to relieve us from all this, bore this during their lifetime. They suffered from various diseases, persecution and defamation. Nevertheless, they were happy at the same time. Their happiness did not depend on external well-being, it was built deep inside. The Lord says, “Where thieves do not break in and steal” (Mt. 6:20). Their treasure was there and they were attuned to it. Having external troubles and burdens, they could be very happy.   

Saint Paul the Apostle, when he listed his grievances, which he came through in his Christian life, said the following words, which may even seem immodest, “I might have endured more than any of the Apostles” (“I labored more abundantly than they all” (1 Cor. 15:10)) But he was a very happy person, as Christ dwelled in him. This is the most significant and convincing reassurance, when Christ is inside. In this case, even if Christ asks, “What would you like to change?” this person, who has exclusively met Him, might answer, “No, no, I am fine, I will endure all this. I have you, and this is so important that I can put up with anything. My patience is proof of my sincere attitude towards you. I am ready to overcome any grief, which You allow to come and which is within the power of Your good providence, so that I only had a relationship with You, so that I would never lose You, and this is my proof.” 

So, I would not like to say that Saint Nicholas is first of all a Wonderworker. You know, I have met different wonderworkers during my spiritual life. Happiness must be nothing but pure, not mixed with anything else, without falsehood, implications or notes. A person is either happy or not. Moreover, if he or she is really happy, nothing can steal their happiness. “Neither illness, nor hardship, nor distress, nor persecution, nor famine, – nothing will separate us from the love of God, Who is in Jesus Christ Our Lord.” 

I do not know why, but today I wanted to tell you about Saint Nicholas as about a happy person, who succeeded in his life. I am not talking about his external well-being; I mean that he acquired the Kingdom of Heaven inside of him. That is why he shares it so generously with us. As soon as we call him, he shares it at once. Nevertheless, sometimes we diminish this saint by asking too many worldly things from him. He has an incorruptible treasure, heavenly wealth, but we come and ask for some trifle. However, he helps us even with this and gives generously. We should not stop only at this; otherwise, it will diminish our relationship. Ask him for heavenly things, he has them in abundance and is ready to share.  

Glory to our God always, now, and onto the ages of ages! Amen!