Is there any use picking a fight? – Иверский Орский женский монастырь

Is there any use picking a fight?

– They say, there is no use picking a fight, but if you do, you should win. Is it true? 

– Of course, if you do, you should win. But what is your victory? This is an important question. You won. You proved. You got it…but you have no joy as there is emptiness inside of you. Then what do you need this victory for? You should feel good inside. Sometimes two people argue. One beat another in this argument due to his or her eloquence and drive and talk around the opponent even if he or she is not right…  Meanwhile, nothing but hollowness remains inside and no joy of such victory. When people conquered Berlin, they had great joy because the victory was holy. At the same time, there are victories which are not even holy, but sinful.  A strong man came and beat a weak man. Is this a victory? Humanwise, this may be a victory, but in accordance with God, this is a defeat. One feels wretchedly inside. However, if you pick a fight and reconcile everyone, this will be a true victory.      

Archpriest Sergiy Baranov