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I have not received an answer to my question…

– Father Sergiy, I write to you, but I haven’t received an answer yet…

– Our readers ask us such questions from time to time.

Dear brothers and sisters, if you have not received an answer for your question yet, there may be several reasons for it. It might happen that Father Sergiy has already given an answer for a similar question. Please, look through the following section on our website “Questions-Answers” (“Texts”, “Audio”, “Video”, “Video answers on topics”). Perhaps your question is exclusively personal, or it is not related to spiritual life, or it belongs to the 18+ category. Also, it may appear you have not recognized your question, provided you wrote it too long, and the editors had to shorten it. 

But the main thing, please, remember Father Sergiy is a common human made of flesh and blood, just like all of us. He may be very busy, he may fall ill, or he may leave the city for some reason, etc. 

We read to Father Sergiy every question sent to the website, as far as possible. 

With best regards and love in Christ,

The Website Editors