I have no inward peace and need reassurance… – Иверский Орский женский монастырь

I have no inward peace and need reassurance…

– I live in a constant state of quarrel with my relatives and myself. I have no peace of soul; rather, I have a feeling of defeat. I am worn out and tired of all of this. I realize my inability to have a correct reaction to external irritants is transmitted to my children; I can see their nervousness and intemperance. This tortures me even more and makes me feel concerned about their future. I lack the will and consistency to observe the Jesus prayer rule every day. I observe it for several days, then I give it up, start it all over, and skip again. I am tired of myself. Please, I need your reassurance!   

– The Jesus prayer is precious for having no special conditions. It can be pronounced anywhere and at any time. If you fail to say it with your mind and heart, you may pronounce it aloud. You only need to get used to it. Say it during your work, a walk, or in bed. If you set up for yourself big aims, you strain yourself, and this may result in a breakdown. Set some smaller objectives and keep accomplishing them… The prayer is short and simple. Pronounce it all the time, and experience will gradually come.  

Archpriest Sergiy Baranov