ABOUT THE WAR – Иверский Орский женский монастырь



In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit!

These days one of the most frequently asked questions is the question about the war. What can we say about the war? It is hard to take a phrase from its context and say something objectively. It is hard to separate one event from a succession of events and say something definite with responsibility.  People are designed in a way that they always reside in the format of time and they evaluate events according to the moment, the way they feel it here and now. While God is beyond time and He looks at any event from the past, the present and the future simultaneously, without dissevering events and meanings from their contexts, but giving everything one general meaning. That is why everything is right and very precise with God. However, with us things are twisted. Due to our habit of taking a notion from its context and giving it another sense. It is a high responsibility to say something. We should better trust everything in God and pray hard. The situation is complicated, unclear, and we always make mistakes when we try to determine the course of history with our limited minds.  We can’t set out our own lives, not to mention the estimation of historical events. Owing to our narrow-mindedness, we don’t go through those events correctly. Our estimation, impression, judgment, rage and excessive sorrow bother us. While God lives any tragic event through pain for humankind.  When we try to sympathize, so many thoughts come to our mind, and they blur this simple short and sincere sympathy. It happens due to our being too complicated, while God is simple.   We can talk for hours without giving the issue any definite esteem. While God just lives through every moment. And He lives through the moment of people’s sorrow without long speculations, but with a pang of pain. Therefore, in order to live through these events we should leave our ego and join God. But it will cause pain. Our hearts will simply bleed. And this is the most true definition of any war. Your heart is bleeding and you pray: “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…” At this moment we need to trust in God and pray sincerely. However, we shouldn’t pray on our behalf, we should let Christ in our hearts and permit Him to pray. His prayer is pure. While ours… It’s even hard to call it a prayer.  Our prayer is just dwelling in our thoughts. If we only knew the real pure prayer of saints, we would realize that our prayer is only a train of thoughts and nonsenses. O Lord! It all will be over, we just need to trust in God’s providence. No one will bring balance, but God! No one will resolve the problems, but God! Let us just trust in Him, pray and wait patiently.  And everything will be alright. 

Time will pass by and we will look back and see the whole picture. I think, both the Ukrainians and us, will look back and say: “It’s all over, it’s ok, we suffered it, we overcame it”. The main thing is a good ending. Unless we put hope in God, there will be no point to live, there will be no strength to live.  Everything will become absurd. And living in absurdity is a profound despair.  That is why let us pray and not fall into despair and trust in God. 

Glory to Our Lord, always, now, and ever, and unto ages of ages!